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PV-ezRack® SolarRoof Pro

The High Performance Universal Roof Mounting System

The Clenergy PV-ezRack® SolarRoof Pro™ is a roof-mounting solution suitable for most types of residential pitched roofs. Using our innovative PV-ezRack rail, Z-modules and roof hooks pre-assembled with our unique ezClip rail connection system, SolarRoof Pro is one of the most versatile rooftop solutions in the world, delivering a very fast, safe and cost-effective solution to installers.

Key Benefits

Simple and Fast Installation

Using our innovative Z-module technology to easily attach the Solar PV modules and our unequalled pre-assembled ezClip for effortless coupling of the rail to our roof hooks.

Great Compatibility

A universal roof mounting system, SolarRoof Pro is suitable for most roofs and compatible with most of the framed and unframed Solar PV modules on the market.

Versatile Application

A straightforward system designed for portrait and landscape orientation, SolarRoof Pro is suitable for most residential roof applications.

Uncompromising Quality

SolarRoof Pro only uses high grade anodized aluminium and stainless steel components to international standards. Strict quality control over materials and finished products ensures optimum strength and long life for your installations.

10 Year Warranty

Clenergy provides a 10 year product warranty for your peace of mind.



SolarRoof Pro



End Clamp, Standard

Part number: ER-EC-ST


Inter Clamp, Standard

Part number: ER-IC-ST


 Splice for Standard Rail and Pro Rail

  Part number: ER-SP-ST






    Tin Interface for light to medium snow load

    Part number: ER-I-PRO/01



    Tile Interface adjustable for light to medium snow load

    Part number: ER-I-PRO/01A



    Tile Interface, adjustable for light to medium snow load, landscape

    Part number: ER-I-PRO/01/A/LS



    Slate/Prefa Interface Adjustable

    Part number: ER-I-PRO/04



        Flat Tile Interface

        Part number: ER-I-PRO/02






        Flat Tile Interface for Tegalit Roof

        Part number: ER-I-PRO/07



        Pro Rail

        Part number: ER-R-PRO



EZ-SH-I.jpg        Interface Shim

        Part number: EZ-SH-I





Accessories available for SolarRoof Pro

ER-Z-STBW Z-Module assembly with bolt and washer

Z-Module, M8x25 (5/16”x 1”) A2 70
Washer 8.4 (5/16”) DIN 9021 A2
Lock Washer 8 (5/16”) A2


EZ-GC-ST PV-ezRack Grounding Clamp (standard)

Grounding Clip suitable for ER-R-ST, ER-R-T, ER-R-PRO, Trapezoidal Interface, SolarTerrace II and III girder


EZ-GL-ST PV-ezRack Grounding Lug (standard)

Grounding Lug  |  Hexagon Socket Head Bolt
Z-Module  |  Spring Washer
Flat Washer  |  Grounding Lug Bold
L25  |  M8x25  |  L20
M8.4  |  M6x14


EZ-IB-SR240/100 Isolator Bracket

Isolator Bracket  |  Hexagon Socket Head Bolt
Z-Module  |  Spring Washer
Flat Washer  |  M8x25
L20  |  M8


ER-RB-ST Rubber Pad



EZ-RB-65/20000/2 EPDM strip



EZ-RB-65/45/12 EPDM rubber pad



EZ-CAP-ST Cap for ST Rail



EZ-CC-R/ST/6 Universal cable clip for PV panels for holding 6 cables



EZ-CC-PV/4 Universal Cable for PV Panels for holding 4 cables



ER-DM-MT8 Diamond module M8 with Hexagon Socket bolt M8x20


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